All the functions that you need to do business online

Website for sales

Impress your customers with a beautiful website

  • Store theme very abundant, you can comfortable selection.
  • You can use your own domain name
  • Fully integrated SEO standard: Schema, sitemap, html tag optimization, page load time, social sharing information ...
  • Track access via Google Analytics, integrate Google webmaster to tracking Website, SEO
  • Promotion system is flexible
  • Live chat
  • Tools for writing news, blogs
  • Powerful banner system
Rapian is the platform that you need to build the business which you always dreamed

Streamlining ERP

Integrate all in one management software that is beautiful and easy to use

  • Distribute customer information: individuals, organizations
  • Transaction statistics, revenue from customers, partners, suppliers
  • Product information management: product information, product classification, import / export data from external sources through excel file
  • Inventory management: import - export - inventory, inventory, inventory valuation
  • Bank account information management: displayed outside the website for customers to transfer
  • Manage delivery method
  • Invoice system: import, sales, automatic invoicing for partners, customers
  • Accounting and bookkeeping systems: sales accounting, general accounting, product entry and exit funds, linked to sales management.
  • POS software for sales
  • Statistical reports: Sales, sales, products, inventory, lost goods, damaged goods, export excel...